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Carbon monoxide CO

Carbon monoxide CO
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BUY CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) TEST GAS ONLINE Do you need carbon monoxide as a test gas or... more
Product information "Carbon monoxide CO"


Do you need carbon monoxide as a test gas or calibration gas? Choose the variant you need from a wide range: No matter what concentration or composition you are looking for - from 5 ppm, residual synthetic air up to 2000 ppm carbon monoxide in nitrogen (N2) - simply order your carbon monoxide online! We also offer a wide range of gas cylinder sizes: We keep your CO test gas in 12, 34, 60 or 112 l ALLCAN disposable cylinders ready for you - exactly as you need it. Carbon monoxide is used as a test gas for calibrating various gas warning devices such as CO or smoke detectors as well as gas measuring devices, alcohol testers or measuring sensors. And in addition to carbon monoxide test gas in a wide variety of compositions, at All-in-Gas you will also find accessories such as the right regulator for safe and proper withdrawal and other practical aids.



Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, which is very reactive at elevated temperatures and has the molecular formula CO. It is therefore a chemical compound consisting of one carbon and one oxygen atom. In addition, carbon monoxide has almost the same density as air, at 1.2506 kg/m³. For industrial purposes, it is mainly obtained from carbon-containing raw materials such as coal, heavy oils, biomass or methane by processes such as partial oxidation, coal gasification or steam reforming. Carbon monoxide is mainly used in the chemical industry - for example in the production of acids, together with hydrogen as synthesis gas or also as test gas or calibration gas. Besides a large number of other gas mixtures and test gases, you can find carbon monoxide in various concentrations at - buy your test gas mixture according to your requirements and specifications here in our online shop!

  12 l 34 l 60 l 112 l
Inhalt 10 Gaseliter 34 Gaseliter 60 Gaseliter 112 Gaseliter
Fülldruck 10bar 35 bar (500 psi) 35 bar (500 psi) 70 bar (1000 psi)
Maße 285 mm x 74 mm 289 mm x 76 mm 362 mm x 89 mm 360 mm x 90 mm
Gewicht 0,14 kg 0,61 kg 0,73 kg 1,2 kg
Ventilanschluss 7/16" x 28 UNF 5/8" x 18 UNF (C10) 5/8" x 18 UNF (C10) 5/8" x 18 UNF (C10)
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