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We deliver a vast range of different gases reliably, within the shortest period of delivery and in high, tested quality.

Our Calibration Gases


Handling of the ALLCAN / regulators



We offer 4 different bottle sizes: 12 l ALLCAN, 34 l ALLCAN, 60 l ALLCAN and 112 l ALLCAN.
Besides the varying filling capacity, there are also constructural differences between the 12 l ALLCAN and the 34-112 l ALLCANs – namely the connector. The small 12 l ALLCAN has an external thread, 34 l, 60 l and 112 l have an internal thread, which is a crucial factor when choosing a compatible regulator.



I can’t find my required test gas.
Here you find an overview of all available test gases. Should you not you’re your required test gas here, please send us an email or call us, in general your desired test gas is also available.

How long does the shipping take?
Each test gas is individually produced for your needs. The delivery time for non-reactive gases is ca. 10 working days and for reactive as well as highly reactive gases the delivery time is ca. 20 working days.

Why is the shipping so pricey?
Test gases are classified as hazardous goods. Therefore, the shipping prices are much higher than with regular goods. We continuously work on optimizing not only price, but also delivery times for you!

How long is my test gas stable for?
All non-reactive gases have a guaranteed stability of 36 months.
Below is an overview of all other gases:

  • H2S, SO2 and NH3: 24 months
  • HCN: 18 months
  • NO: 12 months
  • Cl2: 9 months
  • HCl: 8 months
  • NO2: 6 months

Which connector do the the test gas bottles from ALL-IN-GAS have?
The small 12 l ALLCAN has a 7/16“ external thread, the bottles 34 l, 60 l and 112 l ALLCAN have a 5/8“ internal thread.

How do I extract the gas from the bottle?
You require a compatible extraction regulator for your ALLCAN. We offer a great variety of regulators, suitable for your requirements.