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We deliver a vast range of different gases reliably, within the shortest period of delivery and in high, tested quality.

Our Calibration Gases


Are you looking for calibration or span gases and do you value fast delivery at favourable prices? Then you should buy calibration gases here - at the online shop of! As supplier for calibration, span and flue gases, we offer you a selection of many hundreds of concentrations and various cylinder sizes: From A for acetylene (C2H2) or M for methane (CH4) to Z for zero grade air.

Here in our online shop, you can easily order your desired calibration gas around the clock instead of having to make cumbersome and time-consuming enquiries and then wait for a response. We deliver your test gas within the shortest possible time - and in perfect quality at favourable prices.

In addition, you are always kept up to date: View the order status or your order history of past test gas purchases in your customer account at any time. And last but not least, you can also choose from various convenient payment methods when buying online.

Your order is therefore completely uncomplicated and convenient - see for yourself and simply order your test gases online at All-in-Gas-com! 

Buy calibration gases online

Our calibration gases - sometimes also called span gases or flue gases - are of course CE-compliant, meet the DIN EN regulations and are filled and delivered exactly according to your specifications. In addition, at All-in-Gas you can get the right accessories for every gas and gas concentration, such as  regulators for calibration gas or practical cases and bags for transport.

No matter which calibration gas mixture you would like to buy online - whether with one or more admixtures in the carrier gas, whether in the ppm or percentage range - choose your gas that exactly fits your application from us in the All-in-Gas online shop!

What are calibration gases?

Calibration gases are compressed gas mixtures consisting of a carrier gas to which one or more gaseous or vaporous additives can be added. The carrier gases are usually pure gases or gas mixtures and complement the admixtures intended for calibration as the main component. The admixtures are known as a measuring component in terms of quality and quantity, which is what makes precise and reliable measurement, calibration or testing, for example of a measuring device, possible in the first place. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the defined gas concentration but also the high demands on the purity of the starting materials.

Calibration gases are indispensable in the most diverse areas and processes of industry, technology, research and science. They are the only way to ensure the proper functioning of a wide variety of devices and instruments and thus also a warning in case of danger. Typical calibration gas applications can be found, for example, in plant construction, in fire brigade equipment or also in occupational safety - specifically in the calibration of safety-relevant detectors, sensors or devices, for example gas warning devices, multi-gas measuring devices, explosimeters, explosion protection measuring devices, CO warning systems, gas leak detectors, optical smoke detectors or gas measuring devices. In addition, calibration gases are also used to calibrate respiratory measuring devices or exhaust gas testers. 


Calibration Gas mixtures

Whether pure gas or multi-gas mixtures, we offer you a comprehensive range of calibration gases.

Calibration gas mixtures


ALLCANs - Our handy disposable cans

All calibration gases are available in the practical AllCAN disposable canister, which is not refillable. The AllCAN calibration gas bottles made of aluminium are light, handy, as well as very space-saving.

Calibration Gas CANs


ALLCAN: 12L 34L 60L 112L
CONTENT: 11 litres 34 litres 60 litres 112 litres
WEIGHT: 0,14 kg 0,6 kg 1,19 kg 1,2 kg
HEIGHT: 250 mm 285 mm 365 mm 365 mm
DIAMETER: 78 mm 76 mm 90 mm 90 mm
PSI: 145 Psi 500 Psi 500 Psi 1000 Psi
BAR: 10 BAR (+/- 10%) 34 Bar 34 Bar 70 Bar
THREAD: A / outside B / inside B / inside B / inside

What can size do I need?

With the ALLCAN-FINDER, we have created a simple and practical DECISION-MAKING TOOL, in which you enter your individual requirements and follwoing determines the suitable SIZE of gas bottles for you.